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‘Avatar’ Franchise Juggernaut Rolls Onward with Novels in the Works

Apparently, James Cameron’s obsession with his Avatar world has not gone far enough (though many of us may argue that it’s gone too far already). In addition to promising three new movies in… Continue reading

James Cameron Vows Even More ‘Avatar’ Movies

Yesterday we brought you some news about James Cameron bringing on a new writer to help with his upcoming Avatar sequels. Well now it looks like the extended workforce means a bigger workload.… Continue reading

Chinese Na’vi in ‘Avatar’ Sequels? Oh Yeah! Wait, what?

Yeah, so that headline doesn’t make a whole heck of a lot of sense, so let’s decompile. First of all you know about this thing called Avatar, a film loosely based on the… Continue reading

Trouble for Disney’s ‘World of Avatar’ Attraction?

Some of us wish that James Cameron’s Avatar was nothing more than a bad dream that we will eventually wake up from. But that multi-million dollar piece of plotless eye candy hit big,… Continue reading