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Fantastic “Attack on Titan” Cosplay

Here’s some incredible “Attack on Titan” cosplay featuring a pair of cosplayers working together. Luvnatsu and GQBravo look their parts perfectly from the hair and makeup to the weapons to those gorgeous jackets!… Continue reading

Gatachaman’s $40,000 Superhero G-Suits Look Fantastic Close-Up

The suits from the upcoming live-action Gatchaman look amazing, and they should when you consider that they cost $40,000 each. The suits were all on display outside the 109 Men’s department store in… Continue reading

The BATCAT’S Vintage BATMAN Batmobile Tin Car & Toy Collection from Thailand!

The Bat-Blog became friends with a Batman Memorabilia Collector in Thailand known as “The BAT-CAT” & he has one of the very best Vintage Batman Toy Collections I have ever seen! He sent… Continue reading

Vintage BATMAN MEMORABILIA From Around The Globe!

OK, it’s no secret how I am totally goo-goo over Vintage Batman memorabilia & some of the best items, or at least the hardest ones to find, are from countries outside the United… Continue reading

Vintage BATMAN Japanese Tin Toy Robots and Batmobile Cars

OK, This photo is just complete torture for me but it’s still great to see some amazing Vintage 1960’s Japanese Batman Toys!! The Guy on the right is our Good Friend Yuji who,… Continue reading

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Rei 13

In “The End of Evangelion”, another Rei acted because main switch behind 3rd Impact, that was initiated following she merged with Lilith. Through Third Impact, a perfect figure regarding Rei was demonstrated for… Continue reading