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The Batman Engagement Ring

This beautiful Batman engagement ring was made by Ari who has combined his love of superheroes with his talent for jewelry design. He’s been working in the jewelry business his whole life and… Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda Wedding Ring Collection

In theory, wedding rings are forever. You’ll be looking at the same design day after day and decade after decade so you’d better like it. Given the length of time you have to… Continue reading

WAWO V for Vendetta Anonymous Movie Adult Guy Mask Hot Halloween Cosplay Cool Costume

V for Vendetta Movie Mask.Masquerade Costume Adult Mask.Halloween Party Mask.With elasticated strap.Made of durable PVC Join the revolution with the Guy Fawkes mask as popularized by the V for Vendetta movie.High quality and… Continue reading

A C-3PO Inspired Wedding Band

Remember the guy who got his fianc e an awesome R2-D2 engagement ring? Well, it came time for him to choose a wedding band last month and he decided to continue the Star… Continue reading

A Cityscape Of Pixels Captured In a Ring

This 100% Sterling silver ring has been designed to mimic a city skyline made from pixels. It’s got a matte finish with polished highlights and is coated in rhodium to protect the finish… Continue reading

D10 Engagement Ring

I have to say that nerdy engagement rings that symbolize someone’s love for a game, movie, or book make me happy. I think it’s cool when anything has that sort of impact on… Continue reading

Beautiful Vintage “Firefly” Necklaces And Lockets

These gorgeous necklaces and lockets have the Firefly logo on the front of a vintage plated base with glass dome on a vintage plated chain. The chain is 90 cm long and charms… Continue reading

These Rings Let You Wear Manga Sound Effects On Your Fingers

The pages of manga books are filled with cool katakana sound effects. They help tell the story and, just like with comic books, they affect the art and the layout of a page.… Continue reading