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1966 Batman and San Francisco Fire Department Team-Up!

Check out this extremely cool Batman-themed T-Shirt used to promote the San Francisco Fire Department, specifically “Engine 26” in Diamond Heights. The design looks a lot like the opening title graphics for the… Continue reading

Nikki’s CATWOMAN JULIE NEWMAR Batman Tattoo Art Photo!

Purrrfect! Check out this incredible piece of Tattoo Art featuring the Feline of Crime, Catwoman! Of course this is not the modern day Anne Hathaway version but the original, the one and only,… Continue reading

Bat-Blog Book Review – BAT BAD GIRLS ( 1966 Batman TV Show ) by Renato D’ Angelo

HEY KIDS! It’s time once again for another BAT-BLOG Book Review! Yes, just recently we received an advance copy of a brand-new book published in Argentina ( written in English ). It’s title… Continue reading