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Hot Wheels 1/87th Scale 1966 Batmobile Car By Mattel

I have a good friend named Billy who collects Batman Toys & Memorabilia but his main focus is on the Batmobile Cars. I mean, he’s totally crazy about the Batmobile! The neat thing… Continue reading

Coming Soon: NEW HOT WHEELS Batman Batmobile 1:50 Scale Cars by Mattel

This is just a quick post to let people know about a few brand-new 1:50 Scale Hot Wheels Batmobile Cars that will be coming out later by Mattel in 2009. They are all… Continue reading

1966 TV Series BATCYCLE & SIDECAR 1:12 Scale Hot Wheels In Stores Now!

Our good friend, & ace reporter, “Batmobile Billy” just sent us a picture from his trip to the local Toys-R-Us Store & guess what he saw?! YES! The 1966 TV Series BATCYCLE AND… Continue reading

Steve’s Amazing BATMOBILE CAR COLLECTION ( Corgi & Hot Wheels )

I recently got an e-mail from a Bat-Blog Reader named Steve who wanted to share photos of his Batman Corgi Car & Mattel Hot Wheels Batmobile Collection. Oh man, now this special group… Continue reading


Our good buddy BATMOBILLY sent us this beautiful set of photos from his trip to Toys-R-Us the other night. It looks like Mattel has released another Large BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD… Continue reading

DC SUPER FRIENDS ROBIN Exclusive Action Figure From MattyCollector!

Over at the Matty Collector website ( Official Mattel Toy Company Page ) they have an EXCLUSIVE DC Super Friends Action Figure of ROBIN. It’s pretty cool & only $15.00 so be sure… Continue reading

New BATMAN HOT WHEELS Vehicles & Batmobile Cars For 2010!!

For the last year or so I have been totally & completely loving the incredible 1:50 Scale Die-Cast Batman Vehicles & Batmobiles that Mattel has been coming out with. Here are some photos… Continue reading

TOY FAIR 2010 – Retro Action DC Super Heroes by Mattel

Straight from the 2010 TOY FAIR here comes this awesome set of photos showing some of the brand-new RETRO-ACTION DC SUPER HEROES Action Figure Dolls!! Anybody who grew-up in the 1970’s will totally… Continue reading

New BATMAN SHAKE ‘N GO DC Super Friends TOY CARS By Fisher Price

Just released in stores right now are some extremely super cool BATMAN SHAKE ‘N GO Toy Cars by Fisher-Price! Of course they’re a part of the never-ending DC SUPER FRIENDS Toy Line. There’s… Continue reading

New Batman Toys – Hot Wheels 2011 Batmobile Car by Mattel

Here’s a picture of Mattel’s latest Batman Toy, a “New” 2011 Batmobile. It’s sort of like the car in the animated TV Cartoon called “The Batman” & will be a part of the… Continue reading