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Here’s an interesting video I came across recently. It features Chris Gierke from the MONSTER MODEL REVIEW website giving a review on the BATMAN 1950’s BATMOBILE Car 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Model Kit by… Continue reading

YEAH IT’S THAT BAD – Podcast Reviews 1997 BATMAN AND ROBIN Movie

“Yeah, It’s That Bad” is a movie podcast that reviews films which are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels and other critically hated films. Well, recently they did their… Continue reading

Don’t Believe the Trailers—R.I.P.D. is the Ryan Reynolds Movie We Deserve … Until Deadpool Anyway

When I first heard of R.I.P.D., the concept sounded meh, I’ll admit. Adapted from Dark Horse Comics Rest in Peace Department isn’t that clever a turn of phrase. Worse still, Ryan Reynolds has… Continue reading

Video Review – Batman Arkham Asylum JOKER Action Figure – Play Arts Kai

Here’s a very well done Batman Toy Video Review a friend on Facebook sent me. It’s for the “Batman: Arkham Asylum” JOKER Play Arts Kai Action Figure, check it out!!

Video Review – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES “Broken Cowl” Limited Edition Blu-Ray DVD Set

Our friend, BatGirlRaquel, just posted anexcellent video over on YouTube where she talks about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie with “Broken Cowl” Statue Limited-Edition Blu-Ray DVD Set. For the occasion she dressed… Continue reading

Go Go Megaforce! Power Rangers Megaforce Review

I remember attending one of the Sentai (Japanese for task force) stunt shows at the Tokyo Dome G-Rosso a while ago. The name of the Sentai Series was called Goseiger. I was so… Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Browncoats Unite: The Firefly 10th Anniversary Special’

It’s really been 10 years since Firefly met a premature and cold-blooded end at the hands of Fox network executives. You might not realize the years have gone by that quickly, but that’s… Continue reading

Review: Does ‘Taken 2′ Live Up to it’s Predecessor?

One does not walk into a showing of Taken 2 expecting high art or even a technically proficient movie — one walks into a showing of Taken 2 expecting a thrilling rain of… Continue reading

JJ Reviews: Dead Space 2

JJ Reviews: Dead Space 2 Apparently in space they can still hear Issac Newton scream….. fresh from my run through of the original Dead Space campaign (which despite taking a while to get… Continue reading