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Announcement: ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER Autographed Photo Bat-Blog Contest Winner!

Announcement: Last night, at a little after midnight, I picked the lucky winner out of the hat for the current Bat-Blog Contest. Of course I’m talking about where we are giving away an… Continue reading

Strange, but Cool, Batman Memorabilia Spotted in Romania!!

I have a friend on MySpace named Gary & one of the neat things about him is that he lives in Romania. I mean, come on! How cool is that?! He is also… Continue reading

The BAT-FAMILY Batman Photo!!

Just a quick post to show off this super-awesome photo of our friend Tony! He’s shown here dressed up like Batman, with his lovely Wife as Batgirl ( Or is it BatWOMAN? ),… Continue reading

BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES – Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

OK, Last night I was in sort of a “Batman: The Animated Series” mood & decided to create these 2 Wallpaper Backgrounds you can use to brighten your desktop, ha ha! The 1st… Continue reading

Do You Know The Name of This BATMAN & ROBIN Illustrator ?

A friend recently bought this original artwork that is actually a very large advertising poster featuring Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, The Batmobile Car, & The Bat-Jet ( whew! ). It was… Continue reading

BATMAN: ODYSSEY Sneak Peak at The Artwork By NEAL ADAMS!

OK, We have mentioned this before at the Bat-Blog many times so it should be no surprise but for quite awhile now the legendary comic book artist Neal Adams has been working on… Continue reading

High School Students Create Some Amazing Batman-Themed Costumes!

Our friend Lauren sent us a new photo showing some of her friends from High School who all got together & dressed-up as Batman characters. But I don’t think it was anything for… Continue reading

Vintage BATMAN AND ROBIN Parody Advertisement

Here at the Bat-Blog we have a friend named Ed who is totally into Model Trains. Recently, while looking through some old “Train Collector” Magazines, he came across this advertisement for the Lloyd… Continue reading

FAMILY GUY Does Hilarious Parody of SUPER FRIENDS Cartoon

In a recent episode of FAMILY GUY, in the beginning of the show, they do an amazing parody of intro to the 1970’s classic animated series SUPER FRIENDS. Peter Griffin is Superman, Lois… Continue reading

BATMAN AND ROBIN Hit The Mall In Search of Halloween Treats!

POW!! Here is another really great Halloween Costume photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Reader! It shows a Father & Son, at the mall, enjoying Halloween. I like that the kid got to… Continue reading