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OK, You gotta admit that this new BATMAN TATTOO that our friend Alex recently got is pretty cool! It’s an Homage to the 1966 TV Series & features Adam West as the Caped… Continue reading


This is really cool! The Bat-Blog is pretty famous for showcasing a lot of BATMAN inspired Tattoo Art but this one is actually an inspirational message about Batman! Our friend James recently got… Continue reading

Cool BATMAN TATTOO ART Inspired by JIM LEE Comic Book Artwork

Our friend Adrian saw this awesome Batman Tattoo while he was at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con last week & he said the 1st thing he thought of was the Bat-Blog! Oh… Continue reading

BATMAN TATTOO ART – Amazing Tribute To 1966 Batman TV Show

Wow! Check out this amazing “1966 Batman TV Show Tribute” Tattoo!! This was submitted by our friend Sarah who lives in Austria. This tattoo took over a year to create with 8 different… Continue reading

This Spider-Man Tattoo Knows All About Power & Responsibility

Done at Red Rocket Tattoo in NYC by Erica Flannes. Send your nerdy tattoo pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com. (via FYeah Tattoos)

Shane’s BATMAN TATTOO Inspired by the Comic Book Art of Tony Daniel

Look at this amazing BATMAN TATTOO ART our friend Shane recently got inked on himself. It was done by Aja Ann ( Kitty Tatt ) from “Dig A Tattoo” in Dunedin, New Zealand… Continue reading

Nicole’s Totally Bad-Ass JOKER & HARLEY QUINN Tattoo Art Photos!

Check out these awesome Batman-related Tattoos. These pics were sent to us by our Facebook Friend Nicole & they’re really great! It looks like she got some ink done of The Joker &… Continue reading

Please Help With Finding BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES Artwork For Tattoo

I recently got an email from a Bat-Blog Fan who said that he wants to get a Batman Tattoo in the “Animated Series” Art Style ( Awesome! ). He plans on having Batman… Continue reading

Calvin and Hobbes Zombie Tattoo

This is kgbyardsale‘s awesome Calvin andbess tattoo. Done by Daniel Cotte at North Star Tattoo in NY. (via FYT)