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Strange, but Cool, Batman Memorabilia Spotted in Romania!!

I have a friend on MySpace named Gary & one of the neat things about him is that he lives in Romania. I mean, come on! How cool is that?! He is also… Continue reading

THE ART OF TIM BURTON Limited Edition Hard Cover Book

Tim Burton directed the 1989 Batman movie & a lot of that movie’s style was his own unique vision. For that reason a lot of Batman Fans also like his other films: Edward… Continue reading

Video: JOKER’S REACTION – A HEATH LEDGER TRIBUTE ( Batman: The Animated Series )

A new friend of mine on Facebook, named Michael Valentine, had this video to share that he actually made. Well, he used footage from the Batman: The Animated Series & added his own… Continue reading


A friend named Jonathan sent us this photo yesterday that I knew everybody would totally love. It’s his own personal Tattoo of Batman’s most popular villain, THE JOKER!! It’s really very well done… Continue reading

Stephanie Gets an Awesome BATMAN & JOKER Tattoo!!

I got an e-mail this morning from a Bat-Blog Reader who recently got a “Batman and The Joker” Tattoo!! The artwork shows the famous set of arch-enemies in battle! This is a very… Continue reading


Eidos Games released the brand-new BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game on August 25th & people are still going crazy! All the reports that I have been getting so far are saying that this… Continue reading

Do You Know The Name of This BATMAN & ROBIN Illustrator ?

A friend recently bought this original artwork that is actually a very large advertising poster featuring Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, The Batmobile Car, & The Bat-Jet ( whew! ). It was… Continue reading

Al Bigley’s Classic Batman Comic Book Cover Recreation ©1976

We have a good friend here named Al Bigley who is a freelance graphic artist who works in comic books & advertising. He has a blog where he shares stuff he likes: Retro… Continue reading

Video: HOT TOYS – TV News Story – The Dark Knight Movie Figures

Here’s an interesting video of a Foreign TV News Story about the HOT TOYS Doll & Action Figure Company. It shows a lot of great shots of The Dark Knight Tumbler Batmobile Toy… Continue reading