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Video: HOT TOYS – TV News Story – The Dark Knight Movie Figures

Here’s an interesting video of a Foreign TV News Story about the HOT TOYS Doll & Action Figure Company. It shows a lot of great shots of The Dark Knight Tumbler Batmobile Toy… Continue reading


Our good buddy BATMOBILLY sent us this beautiful set of photos from his trip to Toys-R-Us the other night. It looks like Mattel has released another Large BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD… Continue reading

New BATMAN HOT WHEELS Vehicles & Batmobile Cars For 2010!!

For the last year or so I have been totally & completely loving the incredible 1:50 Scale Die-Cast Batman Vehicles & Batmobiles that Mattel has been coming out with. Here are some photos… Continue reading

9 Old School BATMAN Vehicles That Rocked!!

Over at the BREAKDOWN COVER website they created a really neat list ( with photos ) of the Top 9 Coolest Classic Vehicles that were used on the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. Like… Continue reading

ARGENTINA – New Batman the Brave and The Bold Cartoon McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys!!

If you live in Argentina then you need to eat at McDonalds every day for a little while so you can collect all the brand-new BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Cartoon McDonald’s… Continue reading

Brand-New BATMAN Action Figure Toy Line Planned by Mattel

Later in the year we’ll be seeing some brand-new BATMAN TOYS that are totally created by Mattel’s in-house Design Group. What I mean by that is these toys will not be tied into… Continue reading


Just a quick bat-photo to share here, sort of an update on the news of the brand-new 1966 Batmobile Car that HOT TOYS is making! I’m sharing this pic too because it’s the… Continue reading

Batman Fan Tries To Steal The Tumbler Batmobile!

OK, WAIT! No, This guy DID NOT try to steal the Tumbler Batmobile, just kidding! This is a Friend of the Bat-Blog, named Jon, who was very lucky recently and got the chance… Continue reading

Brand-New BATMAN TOYS in Stores Now!!

The cool thing about this post is all these photos were submitted by Bat-Blog Readers, awesome! But basically, here are a few pieces of brand-new BATMAN Merchandise that are in stores now. The… Continue reading

NEW BATMAN TOYS For 2013 – LEGO Arkham Asylum Breakout!

The LEGO Toy Company announced the other day that they will be making a new DC Universe Super Heroes Play Set called, “Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout #10937”. As you can see from the… Continue reading